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Awesome How to make up for blondes? What colors should be in the foreground?

Makeup is undoubtedly the most relevant issue for women, but not every makeup fits every skin. For this reason, it is very important to make makeup suitable for skin color…

It is also very important to emphasize the points you want to bring to the foreground on your face by using colors according to your skin color and hair color. Makeup for blondes The colors to be used when making different as in all other skin colors.

Foundation Selection

  • Those with blond hair are usually white-skinned, with exceptions, and white skin is a flawless complexion.
  • Therefore, blonde and white-skinned products should be very careful when applying.
  • The first condition when starting make-up is of course the foundation. The choice of foundation is important for blondes as well as all other skins.
  • It is especially important for blondes who have a pale complexion to choose products that will make the skin look bright and vivid.
  • When choosing a foundation, it will be appropriate to try it in a suitable area for your face.
Foundation Selection

Coffee Shades in Eye Makeup

  • Next is eye makeup, eye makeup is one of the highlights and the eye makeup made using brown, gold, bronze shades is ideal for blondes.
  • Brown eyeliner and the same shades of eye shadow and mascara application is possible to capture an eye makeup compatible with blonde hair.
  • Misty eye makeup is one of the makeup that suits blondes.
  • Smoky appearance with eyes revealing; You can catch the effective makeup you want in the eyes by using gray black and ashy tones in makeup.
  • The right makeup tips for blondes Another issue between the lips.
  • It is one of the points revealed in the makeup on the lips. Pink, burgundy, red shades are suitable for those who have blonde hair and white skin.
  • Blondes can easily use pink fuchsia and close-up lipsticks during the daytime and they can make up their makeup with red and burgundy tones in the evening.

Pink Temperature on Lips and Cheeks

  • Those with blond hair are a bit more fortunate in lipstick, and almost every ton of lipstick suits, but nude shades are not suitable for blondes.
  • White skin blondes that are already pale in appearance can make them look more pale.
  • However, it is worth mentioning that red lipstick is ideal for blonde hair.
  • Blush is perhaps the most important makeup product for blondes, because the most effective product to reveal pale skin is blush.
  • Peach, pink-toned blush is a shade that adds vitality to blondes.

Makeup Tips for Blondes

  • It is very important to use soft tones for natural looking make-up.
  • You can complete your pink-toned blush by using rose-colored or pink-colored headlights and pink lipstick in the same tones.
  • For blondes, eye products such as eyeliner and mascara should be preferred to brown instead of black.
  • Brown will match both hair color and break the sharp transition in black.
  • Blondes who need to avoid coffee and earth tones especially in lipstick selection can easily use these tones in eye makeup, but pearlescent and silver tones are not suitable for use in blonde's makeup.
Makeup Tips for Blondes

The Right Colors for Blondes

  • What colors should blonds use When it is said, they must use tones that will close their faded appearance.
  • For this reason, they should not use bronze tones but also orange sub-tone products such as peach and pink which add more vitality.
  • The use of products such as eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow to fill the eyebrows of the blondes who have quite a problem in terms of eyebrows compared to the brunettes is also important in terms of ensuring the fluency of makeup.
  • Although the makeup of the blondes will change according to the tone of the hair, it will be more or less within the frame of these tones.
  • For this reason, when choosing a product you must test your skin compatibility.

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