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Awesome Natural cures to get rid of unwanted hair

Especially the biggest problem of women, hair removal can be removed in various ways. Waxing or razor blades are the most common methods. But these methods do not lead to long-term results.

To get rid of unwanted hair Laser Hair Removal is another method that can be applied. It is true that it permanently removes hairs, but how healthy it is still a matter of debate! In addition, it is quite costly and is performed in sessions. It is a method that can be used by individuals with a suitable budget.

Natural ways to get rid of unwanted hair has. Many plants have depilatory, thinning and reducing effects. There are natural methods that can be applied on this subject and are very low cost. These methods, which can be easily prepared and applied at home, have no side effects to health.

What are the natural methods for getting rid of unwanted hair?

Especially lemon is an important fruit used in depilatory methods. In addition to this, there is curing of walnut shells which is mostly used by Russians. In addition, honey, salt, garlic, mint can be found easily with many materials such as depilatory cure is possible to prepare.

Walnut Husk Cure for Unwanted Hair Removal

It is a very easy cure to make and apply. Walnut shells are burnt until ash. Then, the ashes are taken into a container and water is added slowly and should be mixed and left for 12 hours. It should reach a paste consistency. After this consistency is applied to areas where unwanted hair. It is important to note here that the hairs in the area have been removed before applying the mixture. After 30 minutes, the area can be washed. This cure should be applied for 3 consecutive days and 3 times a day and should be interrupted for 1 month. Even within this short time, there will be a noticeable reduction in hair growth.

Salt and Lemon Cure

As much as you decide to apply to your body, apply as much lemon squeeze and add salt. After the cream has reached the consistency of the hair-free area before applying. Apply this cure to the hair roots for 3 days. Rinse for 30 minutes. This process should be applied after each network. Within a few months there will be a reduction in hair growth.

Turmeric and Rose Juice Cure

Turmeric is known to be a panacea. Rose water is indispensable for those who prefer natural cosmetic products. When these two great products come together, they become a highly effective depilatory cure. Rose powder is added to the turmeric powder and a simple paste is obtained. This dough natural method of getting rid of unwanted hair as we come across. The dough, which is applied thinly to the hair-free area, should dry here. It is then rinsed and cleaned. It is enough to apply once a week.

Honey and Yogurt Cure to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

It is applied especially for facial hair growth. Add 1 tbsp yogurt into the honey. Mix and apply to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Then rub with the help of sugar to clean and rinse the last.

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