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Awesome Attention! Your child may have autism! How is autism diagnosed? treatment

Visible in infants Autism congenital income and can be defined as a disorder of the Neuro development process. Autism requires a certain period of time to be diagnosed. This disorder, which can be diagnosed when babies start to socialize, can be understood with some symptoms.

It manifests itself more as a perception problem. The connection of the baby with the outside world and the ability to perceive what it hears are elements that are considered during the diagnosis of autism.

How is autism diagnosed?

AutismIn children, it becomes more pronounced at 2 or 3 years old. However, it can also be understood in the early period according to the child's behavior. In a child Symptoms of autism it may be enough for her to come side by side with her peers to see if she is. Children grow up in a certain process of development. But children with autism develop beyond this developmental process. There are 3 types of Autism, which is a difference beyond the disease, and in fact, Autism is a subspecies of the Autism Spectrum known to the public.

Although it is not known exactly why autism occurs, it is accepted that some nerve endings are caused by problems during brain development. Any movement or diet during pregnancy does not cause autism. Symptoms of autism whereas;

  • If he does not look at his parents' face from month 1,
  • If he hasn't started laughing after 2 months,
  • If he cannot follow the objects from the 3rd month,
  • If it does not react correctly to the sound when called out,
  • If he doesn't reach out to any object he wants,
  • If the ability to hold is not developed after the 4th month,
  • If he cannot speak or syllable after the 5th and 6th month,
  • If he acts like he has no hearing,
  • If it does not make eye contact, the baby is likely to have autism. It should be examined and definitively diagnosed.

In addition, children with autism later in life may have symptoms such as laughing for no reason or crying tantrums, and not realizing that any behavior is dangerous.

How is autism treated?

Applied Behavior Analysis uses a treatment method called A program is identified and the child's response to treatment over time is assessed by following this program. The program deals with the child's behavior. They try to open their perceptions to different doctrines and be patient for the success of the program. Applied Behavior Analysis treatment During the course, the child's skills and the subjects that are left behind are determined. Afterwards, the activities are tried to be minimized by means of activities. Difficulty in speaking, behavior disorder and their reactions to events are evaluated. It is ensured that the child is aware of himself and his environment through expert teachers. According to the researches, IQ level of children with autism increased by 25 percent in one year in this special education process.

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